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Through AAA level standardization of good corporate review

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Provincial Association for Standardization Expert Group consisting of Quality and Technical Supervision, on December 28, 2013 on the company's AAA-level standard of good behavior management system for review. After a check: the check standards and documents, materials and records; second look: the watch shop and warehouse, physical and chemical laboratory and on-site facilities; three conversation: that with the implementation of the relevant departments to investigate and understand the situation of standardization. The Group believes that the company's corporate standards are appropriate and effective, you can AAA level standard of good conduct business review, the company has further work to do in the future standardized management system to enhance confidence.
    Since 2010 the company confirmed by the national AAA standard of good behavior, always as an important basis for the standardization and key aspects of business management task. Standard system based on business requirements of national standards, re-engineering of the original standardized on the basis of revised standards improve enterprise system, and actively carry out internal audits and self-evaluation, implementation and continuous improvement.
   Construction of the company's standard system can be strengthened to improve management control, the brand value of the force, market competitiveness, can set common goals for corporate executives and employees at all levels, thereby increasing productivity, improving corporate image will help to ensure that product standards implementation and product quality is stable, so that enterprises can capture the market stable.